Welcome UCM MUN society!

Dear Seimuners,
Thanks to the feedback reveived from last year and a survey we sent to all participants and head delegates to understand their needs and preferences, we have introduced new features to this years conference such as one big affordable accommodation for members of Sectretariat, Staff and Delegates or an exciting culture & leisure pre-program in Málaga. Thishas been well-received by the most prestigious delegations, something which is having a signifficant impact in the number of registrations, which, compared to last year is three times as big! We recommend you to read the interview Andrea Urizarbarrena, President of UCM MUN society. There she confirms the participation of their 12 – member delegation and shares her views on the conference.


1. Tell us more about IDC Model United Nations Society!

UCM MUN was born in 2012 by the hand of four curious girls who wished to explore and expand models in their university. In a country in which Model of United Nations is not as well known as it is in others, they did their best to try and spread the word in their campus. Since its establishment, the delegation has been formed by students of Universidad Complutense and a variety of international master and degree students from all around the world. This has made of it a place in which delegates come in touch with lots of other cultures and points of view, enriching the experience of MUN and University itself.


2. How did you learn about SEIMUN? Did you receive any feedback?

We were told by students who had taken part in it before that it was a very well organized model.


3. Which qualities did your MUN society see in SEIMUN to bring such a numerous delegation?

As of right now, our delegation is living a renewal: it was formed by senior year students who have left the nest, and is now in the process of training new delegates with little to none experience in models, but lots of passion and desire to learn. A model with renown as this one, inside the country and yet a little bit far away from “home” seemed like a great opportunity to let them live a great experience that might determine whether they would like to go to bigger international models or not.


4. What do you think of us offering a pre-program in Málaga? Will you take part in it?

It might be better for delegates who go from Andalucia. In our case, coming from Madrid, we saw little use in going further than Granada and then coming back again. We would have liked to have the same pre-program for the previous days in the city, since the days of the model usually leave no time for fun outside the committees.


5. Did you ever hear about the two host cities of the conference? Is there any specific sight or activity you want to enjoy?

The Alhambra, of course.

6. What are your expectations on SEIMUN? Do you think we will be able to meet these preferences?

Our expectations are to have fun and learn. We want to have our new delegates live MUN outside of their comfort zone, and reunite with fellow delegates of previous models. The vibes we are living in the previous weeks are of optimism and excitement.


7. Is there any other service you would like us to offer?

It’s hard to say, prior to the model.
Kind regards.
Andrea Urizarbarrena