Welcome Foundation of the German Economy!

Dear Seimuners,
Thanks to the feedback reveived from last year and a survey we sent to all participants and head delegates to understand their needs and preferences, we have introduced new features to this years conference such as one big affordable accommodation for members of Sectretariat, Staff and Delegates or an exciting culture & leisure pre-program in Málaga. Thishas been well-received by the most prestigious delegations, something which is having a signifficant impact in the number of registrations, which, compared to last year is three times as big! We recommend you to read the interview Dominik Rigo, Head Delegate of The Foundation of the German Economy (SDW) delegation. There he confirms the participation of their 12 – member delegation and shares her views on the conference.


1. Tell us more about IDC Model United Nations Society!

The Foundation of the German Economy (sdw), headquartered in Berlin,
Germany, was founded in 1994 and promotes more than 4,000 people as one of
the country’s largest educational institutions. With the slogan “We create
opportunities”, she is engaged in providing education for particularly
high-performance students and graduates, students and disadvantaged young
people. Through its diverse range of services, it strengthens young people
in the most important areas of education and provides the best possible
conditions for a successful path to education and careers – regardless of
their social background.


2. How did you learn about SEIMUN? Did you receive any feedback?

I spent two exchange semesters in Granada and got to know the SEIMUN from
my Spanish fellow students. After gathering more information about it, I
used the network of the sdw to ask for more interested fellows to come and
join SEIMUN 2017 in Spain. We are very much looking forward to it!


3. Which qualities did your MUN society see in SEIMUN to bring such a numerous delegation?

Every single delegate decided for herself/himself of becoming a member of
our delegation. It is not only one quality which made us signing up for
the conference. We have registered for the conference from a whole variety
of reasons, such as the great reputation of the SEIMUN conferences, the
venue and the date. We are very much looking forward to meet students from
all over the world in Granada!


4. What do you think of us offering a pre-program in Málaga? Will you take part in it?

We think this is a very nice opportunity to get to know the Spanish
culture and the other participants of SEIMUN 2017. Parts of our delegation
signed up for it and will be more than happy to join you at the


5. Did you ever hear about the two host cities of the conference? Is there any specific sight or activity you want to enjoy?

Sure, we heard great things about Málaga and Granada from almost
everywhere. We will be more than excited to explore and get to know their
historic and beautiful sights like the Alhambra or the great beaches of
Málaga. We are very looking forward to visit a wide range of sights and
activities and we are hundred percent sure you will be able to tell us,
where to find the best spots, for example where to have the best tapas!

6. What are your expectations on SEIMUN? Do you think we will be able to meet these preferences?

We do have great expectations on SEIMUN and the time together in Granada.
For most of us it will be the first MUN Conference they ever visited and
we will be more than excited to meet international students from all over
the world and discuss with them international topics. We are highly
motivated helping this conference being a great success and a valuable
experience for everyone of us.