Welcome IDC Herzliya MUN society!

Dear Seimuners,
Thanks to the feedback reveived from last year and a survey we sent to all participants and head delegates to understand their needs and preferences, we have introduced new features to this years conference such as one big affordable accommodation for members of Sectretariat, Staff and Delegates or an exciting culture & leisure pre-program in Málaga. Thishas been well-received by the most prestigious delegations, something which is having a signifficant impact in the number of registrations, which, compared to last year is three times as big! We recommend you to read the interview Nicole Bery, President of the prestigious IDC Herzliya society and Chair of the UN Human Rights Council at SEIMUN 2017 kindly had with us. There she confirms the participation of their 20 – member delegation and shares her views on the conference.


1. Tell us more about IDC Model United Nations Society!

In order to tell you about the  IDC Model United Nations Society, first I need to tell you about my university as a whole. What is really unique about the IDC is that, from its 7000 student population, about 25% of them are international students, who come from 87 different countries from all around the world. Established in 2008, IDCMUN was the first college-level MUN society in Israel. Since its foundation, it has been by far the most diverse society in Israel, bringing together Israeli and international students from all fields of studies across the IDC. This year, IDCMUN is one of the largest societies in Israel, with a total of 70 members. We have members from Israel, Ecuador, Argentina, el Salvador, Mexico, the USA, Canada, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Poland, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Finland, Spain, Sweden, South Africa and Australia, only to name a few. They study government, law, business, economics, communications, computer science, and more. Every year, we attend around five Israeli national conferences and two international conferences. We are very excited to travel to Spain next May!


2. How did you learn about SEIMUN? Did you receive any feedback?

We learned about SEIMUN from references from our friends from BGUMUN (the Ben Gurion University MUN Society) who received strong feedback from last year´s edition. They came back with fantastic feedback. After learning a little more about SEIMUN on the internet, we talked to some of our international friends who have also taken part on the previous edition and will take part in the upcoming one. Since all of the feedback was positive, it became clear that SEIMUN would be an outstanding conference and the ideal place to send a huge 20 participant delegation, both in the academic and social aspects.


3. Which qualities did your MUN society see in SEIMUN to bring such a numerous delegation?

When trying to arrange for IDCMUN to go to SEIMUN, I first had to compare the dates with our academic schedule. I though “it must be meant to be!” because the dates coincide perfectly with our national holidays, which means that we can travel to Spain without missing any classes. Besides that, MUN’ers in general are always excited to travel abroad, learn and make connections. However, IDCMUN’ers as a majorly international society, are specially attracted to this idea. With SEIMUN offering as many opportunities as it does, such as a high academic level conference, a pre-program, socials, and perfect dates, there is absolutely no reason not to go.


4. What do you think of us offering a pre-program in Málaga? Will you take part in it?

I have heard amazing things about Malaga from my Spanish friends and there is no way I could miss it! I think a pre-program is a great way for the Secretariat, chairs, and delegates to meet and socialize before the conference and for SEIMUN to start in the best spirit! It is the perfect occasion to travel, have fun and experience Spain before debates and resolutions need all our attention. It is also an opportunity for international students (like us) to see more of Spain. Count us in for sure!


5. Did you ever hear about the two host cities of the conference? Is there any specific sight or activity you want to enjoy?

I have heard about Granada and Malaga from friends who have traveled there and have told me that these are two cities one should not miss. Granada is famous for its world heritage sites and being a crossroad of three cultures, while Malaga is famous for the social scene and the magnificent beaches. As for what sight or activity I would want to enjoy, I believe the conference organizers are doing their best to find the perfect blend between historic and cultural sight seeing and fun, social activities. I trust you 100% and I’m looking forward to explore Spain with you!


7. As Chair of the UN Human Rights Council, how will you ensure SEIMUN participants have a fun, but also a challenging academic experience?

I am very much looking forward to chair the Human Rights Council. As a chair, my biggest goal is to make of my committee an enjoyable academic experience. The Human Rights Council is a beginners committee, which means that the delegates will need as much guidance as possible. Therefore, I will be patient and helpful, yet will also ensure that the academic standards are maintained by sticking to the rules of procedure and encouraging a productive debate. That being said, it is important to mention that there is always time for a laugh in MUN, and the social aspect is very important. To me, the most successful conference is when the committee becomes a kind of family, and delegates do not only leave with experience and knowledge but also a lifetime of friends and global connections, and some post-MUN depression.


8. What are your expectations on SEIMUN? Do you think we will be able to meet these preferences?

I have great expectations for SEIMUN. I am looking forward to meet my co-chair Kieran, who is an American studying in Turkey who will be doing exchange in Portugal by the time of the conference and seems like a very interesting person. I am also looking forward to meeting the delegates and guiding them through one of their first MUN experiences. Furthermore, I am very excited to travel to Spain! I have only been in Madrid and Segovia so far but I have heard many great things about Granada and Malaga. Last but not least, I am turning 21 the 8th of May so I will be celebrating my birthday with my new MUN friends and I couldn’t be happier about it! I have no doubts that SEIMUN will exceed all of my expectations.


9. Is there any other service you would like us to offer?

Nothing I could think of, just keep being as amazing as you are!