Word of Welcome by the Secretary-General

Words of Welcome by the Secretary-General

Dear MUN-enthusiasts!
After the success of the first edition of the South European International Model United Nations,we could not be more proud to announce SEIMUN 2017 is moving to the Unesco World Heritage City of Granada. After months of feedback and team-building, we introduce ourselves with the batteries charged and eager to take on the world. The new Secretariat combines the experience of the first edition, with the honourable Ali Zain Kara and myself taking on our positions, but welcoming in the team new international leadership and profiles such as Piotr Sitnik and Yannick Somauroo, two very well known and prestigious MUN´ers in the Euro-Asian circuit. We need the best people to deliver the best quality standards and experience. 
This edition, we took serious note at all the feedback received and are, as a result, introducing a vibrant pre-program in Málaga, a great opportunity to discover the cultural and natural hertiage of the coastal region. Furthermore, we will introduce four new committees for all levels and topic areas. Due to the growing awareness of climate change, we will simulate this year the United Nations Environment Program for the first time in Spain. Also, we want to move one step further and also offer the International Court of Justice for the most advanced jurists. Last but not least, also for the first time in the Iberic Peninsula, we will simulate the European co-decision process, in which the Secretariat will act as Commission and prepare a law proposal, which will be amended by both the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union. At SEIMUN we want a proactive youth, which suggest youth-based solutions to the most pressing issues in our world. In addition to this, we want a youth that understands the functioning of United Nations system and the European Union and is committed to bring them closer to the different realities of the civil society, that truely represents all sectors of society.
As a result of the financial crisis and crisis in values, the youth has sometimes lost all hope in diplomacy and supranational organisms. We are tired of secretism, hypocrisy and the double bar measure our politicians use when solving key issues such as clmate change, the refugee crisis or development policies. We cannot allow situations such as making encouraging speaches on how terriffic a certain dictatorship is and at the same time sell it´s government armiament to oppress the population. Because of this sentiment, we are convinced most of you share with us, this year´s theme will be: “SEIMUN 2017, MAKE DIPLOMACY GREAT AGAIN”. This theme is not for us, like our italian delegates would say, “parole, parole” that the wind blows away, but a contract we establish with all participants and a common committment amongst the global youth. 
Quoting the spanish novelist, Juan de la Cruz Fuster (1922-1992), “in politics, you either make it yourself, or others will make it for you”. In his 25 year anniversary of his death, this statement is more valid than ever and we want to make it ours. It is the youth that must take the lead, speak up and make an impact if they want to be influential in the policy and decision-making process. Platforms such as SEIMUN are an extraordinary opportunity to rise up and shape the world with the values of peace, prosperity and social justice.
If you are unsatisfied with gowing inequality, conflict and natural destruction, but you have innovating ideas you want to forward to the international community then apply as chair, linguist, legal advisor, journalist or delegate to what will be for certain the life-changing experience you will remember for your lifetime. 
Your´s faithfully,

Joaquim Candel Fabregat

Secretary General SEIMUN 2017