SEIMUN or South European  International Model of United National is an initiative carried out by UNSA Andalucía, a youth association created by students from different Andalusian universities. SEIMUN was a project firstly focused to be developed in 2017 but thanks to the team who have been forming it and after hard work they are going to be able to start it a year before, 2016. This MUN aspire to be one of the most crowded in Spain and Southern Europe as well as a regional inclusive and sustainable project with high standards of quality which can involve different universities and institutions in bringing together with UNSA Andalucia the MUN world closer to Andalusian and Spanish youngsters.


This initiative came up through several informal conversations between Jesus Cordero, Joaquim Candel, Nicolás Casablanca and Pablo Sanchez. The origin of this Model of United Nations was the idea of giving Andalusian people the possibility to be able to take part in this unique experience in a professional and personal level in an easily way for people with less economic resources thanks to lower fees and transport costs. Furthermore, it would also allow people to see how Andalusia is beyond the clichés.


Step by step and after many meetings, messages and almost all different ways of communication, they finally got a great number of people from the region with diverse backgrounds to accomplish this Project.


Thanks to the hard effort during these months, they could be ready sooner than expected, which will allow this event to take place next to other important ones as: Cordoba´s World Championship of Debate in Spanish and in the same year of the 70th Anniversary of first Assembly of the UN in London, the appointment of his first General Secretary and the first meeting of the Security Council.


–          It was the perfect year, we had the will and the faith that we could do it, so we started to work to make the dream come true. – Added the UNSA Andalucia president and SEIMUN chairman, Jesús Cordero.


“United Nations Students Association Andalucía” or UNSA Andalucía’s aim, is that the young Andalusian people consolidate the “Annual celebration of a Model of United Nations in Andalusia: SEIMUN.”

The idea is that every year the event will be held in a different Andalusian capital. Bringing the world of the United Nations to the young Andalusian population turns for us in an instrument to favour the cultural exchange between youngsters from different parts of the world and also to work other transversal key competences for their personal and professional development.


Initially, SEIMUN was going to be a regional-level MUN that would serve as the first approach to the MUN culture for the Andalusians but thanks to the great work of all persons involved in the project and some external collaborations like from the web publisher, Francisco Escamilla, who has created a corporate branding and web as well as the enthusiasm that is waking this project up worldwide, we could proposed to expand up to 7 committees with an appraisal of 315 participants.


Andalusia is full of opportunities – concluded Pablo Sanchez, Deputy Secretary-General.


This SEIMUN can be the bridge to put Andalusia in the highest levels, not only in MUNs, but also in everything what implies the mobilization of an important quantity of the future thinking minds all over the world. – Nicolás Casablanca emphasized, SEIMUN Program Coordinator.


The support of the entities like Loyola Andalucia University, Seville’s University, the Town hall of the city with the Culture and Arts Institute of Seville, the Spanish section of European Young Federalists  or UNSA Barcelona, among others, has been fundamental for the existence of this project.


Its name, SEIMUN, comes from a series of circumstances. Initially it was going to be called “Andalusia Model of United Nations”, but the team thought it should be more “international” because this is something with a great potential that pretend to expand outside our borders. So, they included, South European in the name as well as it is not just Andalusia or Spain involve. SEIMUN Team want to turn this in the main conference in Southern Europe but, above all, we intend to create a different Model with high quality standards;  a social, cultural and inspirational project for delegates, Organization Team, host cities and implicated partners. It is a project about positive change in our society, and this is why our motto is #BroadeningHorizons, as we want to broaden social, cultural, professional and personals horizons of every single individual that decide to collaborate on creating this positive impact.