The adventure continues

The effects of yesterday night are easily noticed among the delegates and even the chairs. However, the session have gone as normal as yesterday, leting clear that we are surrounded by an incredible team.
Some of the most remarkable events are:
-The controversia among delegates on the Human Rights Committee. They were divided between those who thought that it was better to forbide the FGM and those who didn’t see it as an effective measure.
-At the World Bank Committee they were discussing the caucus proposed by Mexico. They propose microcredits as a possible solution, or at least a good start on the way to solve Afghanistan’s problems. Related to this proposal, Germany, Denmark, Russia, India, France and China agreed with Mexico. However, Brazil and South Africa were against it, and Serbia was for but only if those microcredits were used for investment.
At Specpol Committee, delegates were discussing and forming alliances. They gave the impression of being at the real Un General Assembly.
-The Security Council committee was dealing with a ver difficult issue: the Reform of the Peacekeeping Ops. Actually, the tension was evident between USA and Egypt because of their continuos allusions.
But it wasn’t all about politics, for example at the UNESCO committee, chairs asked delegates to write down funny comments, which they would read outloud afterwords, about participants.
Also at the UfTM, delegates were having a really intense and funny discussions, showing that hardworking can be funny.
Definitely, today was a really good session day, thanks to the forging relations between delegates that makes them feel more confident.