Víctor GarcíaGeneral Director, generaldirector@seimun.es

It is our immense pleasure to announce Víctor García will be serving as General Director at this year´s edition of SEIMUN 2017. Born in Gerona, in Catalonia, he moved to the city of Granada. With a nature curiosity and proactive attitude he joined AIESEC, the biggest global platform run by youth people to explore and develop their leadership potential, where he took several roles of responsibility for two years long as vice-president and finally as President of a Local Committee in Granada and member of the Spanish Board of Presidents, leading a team of 30 people. There he gained very valuable skills in team and project management.

Furthermore, apart from his strongly interested in youth and global issues, he has been involved in several youth events and international conferences , being part of International Youth Speak Forum in Portugal, or recently the first edition of a Youth Speak Forum in Spain. He has also participated in the Spanish Parliament Simulation, experiences that have contributed in making of him a better speaker and communicator.

We blindly believe Victor will excel in leading the new Organising Team, given he did an amazing job as head of finance at the National AIESEC Conference We Step Granada 2016 of 200 people and being Vice-President of AGITA Granada, whose aim is to spread the interest for International Relations between the young people of the city.

Having been the main promoter of the creation of a Local Committee of UNSA Andalucía in Granada, having served as delegate and having been in constant contact with the previous Organising Committee, Victor has a clear vision of the project, a conference that is not only a Model United Nations, but the catalyst of a passion for international relations, cross-boarder relations and open-minded individuals in Southern Europe, to which you are all this May more than heartily invited!