Syed Haziq MasoodUNESCO Chair

    We are extremely pleased to announce that Syed Haziq Masood will be serving as the Chairperson of UNESCO at SEIMUN 2016 this April. This young diplomat, having specialized in economics and finance, has, over the last eight years, successfully attended over 25 local MUNs as a delegate. He has also served as a Chairperson at prestigious international conferences such as UcuMUN, AMUNC and ROMUN. If this was not enough, apart from being a recognized chair with 12 experiences so far, he wants to use this experience on an international level to firstly, betterunderstand the global community and secondly, make the delegates learn about how to handle diplomacy in an effective manner. He is a fun loving person and is widely known for conducting the most entertaining, yet tremendously productive committee sessions in the circuit. He is looking forward to meeting you all in April 2016!