Piotr SitnikUnder Secretary General for Chairing

Piotr Sitnik is a final year law undergraduate at University College London. With a MUN career spanning over 3 years and more than 25 conferences attended, Piotr has staffed, chaired and organized events in countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Israel, Pakistan and Turkey. An experienced Chairing Officer and USG for Chairing, he has interviewed and picked numerous chairs from all around the world, and has sizable experience in working in multinational environments. Relatively new to the Spanish circuit, he hopes to bring broad horizons and a novel approach to organizing and staffing. Piotr is enthusiastic about the conference and looks forward to ensuring that SEIMUN boasts the best and most reliable chairing team on the circuit this year. The rapid progress of the conference must continue, and it will be the centrepiece of Piotr’s involvement this year.