Pawel Aleksander KupisEuropean Parliament chair

    Being born in Poland during the fall of communism, Paweł Aleksander Kupis has never lost his rebellious nature. Sharing his life between London and Wrocław, he managed to complete his BA in International Law and BA & MA in International Relations. He is still tirelessly pursuing his PhD in the field of politics and international law.

    During his never ending career in academia, he used to be a firm believer of the idea that discussion is a decent method of confirming others in their errors. This changed after he joined the Model UN Slovenia Club four years ago.  Now he admits, albeit with regret, that diplomacy is more of a ruthless art of lying for your country. It should not come as a surprise that Paweł is well known for his appalling cynicism, natural charm and a heart-warming smile. He also enjoys jazz, black humour and chocolate chip cookies.