María PascualInternational Court of Justice chair

María Pascual holds a Diploma in Legal Studies from the University of Oxford, where she focused in Public International Law, and is pursuing her final year of the Bachelor of Laws at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. She has also undertaken international ethics and legal philosophy studies in Yale University, which led her to passionate activism for global justice and to volunteer for organizations such as Lawyers Without Borders – Oxford Student Division, Amnesty International and the Spanish Commission for Refugee Aid.

María has been active in the MUN world since 2013, when she first participated in Milan Model United Nations as an Honorable Judge of the ICJ, and fell irrevocably in love with the Committee. She was also awarded for her performance and repeated in LIMUN, as well as participating in OXIMUN’s Peacekeeping Committee. Having caught the so-called ‘MUN virus’, she became a part of the United Nations Association of Barcelona and led its Charity team to several fundraising victories. Most of all, she loves interacting with people from new backgrounds and getting to know different cultures and languages. She embraces her new role as Chair of the ICJ with all possible enthusiasm, and welcomes future Judges to one of the most special committee experiences they will ever encounter in the wonderful (and warm!) setting of Granada.