Jesus CorderoConference Manager & USG for European Committees,

We are very pleased to announce Jesus Cordero Gonzalez, the former SEIMUN 2016 Chairman, will be the Conference Manager of SEIMUN 2017 to be held in the city of Granada. We consider extremely important to assure the continuity of key members. As Conference Manager, his main task is to ensure the correct development of the conference, support the organising team in their work and ensure the correct transmission of acquired knowledge of the previous conference to correct mistakes and areas of improvement that have been identified. Furthermore he’ll track the development of the conference to inform the Regional Board and the Assembly of UNSA Andalucia, the organising entity, of any possible issue. Furthermore, he will serve as mediator for any possible disagreement between the General Director and the Secretary General. This young leader is currently in his last year at University of Seville pursuing a double bachelor´s degree in Law and Political Sciences. Born in Chipiona (Cadiz), he has lived and studied in London, Prague and New York.

He is one of the honourable citizens of Chipiona since he is 17, a recognition given by Chipiona´s Town Hall in 2009 for his Special Award in a National Youth Researches Contest. Besides, he has collaborated in international Erasmus+ projects in Athens, Berlin and Brussels. Furthermore, he has been vice president of AIESEC at the University of Seville committee and, proved to have excellent big conference organisation skills, being main responsible of the national AIESEC conference LEX Sevilla 2013 for 180 people.

If this was not enough, he is Executive Board member of SICE Association (Organising entity of the Simulation of the Spanish Congress), Erasmus + KA2 Project Manager at the University of Seville and the founding president of UNSA Andalucia.

Regarding Simulations, he has a strong record in both regional and national Congress Simulations, being at both conferences Spokesman of main political parties. Jesus is deeply convinced, SEIMUN is much more than a Model, it is a social, cultural and professional project for delegates, organisers, host cities and entities involved. It is a project of positive change which can build bridges between cultures and minds. We could not finish his presentation without sharing one of his main phrases: Aim high, reach far.