Javier CaballosLogistics Manager, logistics@seimun.es

We are pleased to introduce Javier Ignacio Caballos as our Responsable of Logictics in the second edition of SEIMUN that will take place in Granada in May 2017. He has a Science of Physical Activity and Sport Degree at the University of Granada, with specialisation in management and organization of events, by doing internship at the Federation of Field Hockey of the Valencian Community and participating in the organization of charity events such as the New Year Fair City Children in 2016.

He is also specialised in socio-cultural animation, having his own dance academy. As teacher and animator, he has taken part of various international and national congress..

Since he was a child he has participated in different youth organizations and NGOs, such as Scouts, Aguiluchos, Coconut Water, SMA, youth correspondent, etc. Furthermore, he has taken part of many socials movements for Human Right and social justice, which defined him as an active person who works for a better future of the world.