Emilio RomeroProtocol manager (Organization)

He was born in Granada in 1997. He is currently studying his second year in Mathematics in order to be a math teacher. His passion for maths took him to participate in the Thales Mathematical Olympiad during 2009 and 2011.

Scouting is another of his passions. Emilio has been a scout since he was 8 years old, and he has learned important values as respect, teamwork and maturity. He is nowadays the manager of his section in the provincial delegation. He has took part in two provincial and regional scouts forums, and he has been representing Spain in the last international scout activity, the Roverway, in Paris (France)

He participated as volunteer in the race against Hunger, the race against Cancer and the Militar race of Granada in 2014. He also took part in two exchanges with Sweden and the United States.

He thinks SEIMUN is the perfect impulse for a life full of ambitions and success.