Eduardo BlascoCouncil of the European Union chair

    Eduardo Blasco hails from Valencia, Spain. He is a senior student at the University of Valencia majoring in Political Science and Law. He has many international experiences having lived in the United States of America and in China. Eduardo has done MUN for over two years now and loved every second of it. Since his MUN career started, he has participated in more than a dozen of MUNs all over Europe. He has chaired in outstanding national and international conferences, highlighting HamMUN, KAMUN and URJCMUN. He is also the president of the MUN association in his hometown, UNSA Valencia. He is really devoted to MUN as it comprises traveling, getting to know new people and of course discussing foreign affairs. As a good Spaniards, he highly enjoys socials, so you will for sure meet him there during the conference.
    Eduardo looks forward to chairing this committee and he is positive this conference will be an amazing experience for everyone.