Cristina Abellán BustosSecurity Council chair

    Cristina Abellan is a student of Leiden University College The Hague. Her MUN career started 4 years ago, when she was in High School. Since then, she has been part of Secretariat and Chairs Teams in several High School Conferences. She spent a Summer at Georgetown University learning about American Politics and Foreign Affairs. Last year she entered the university circuit when she was studying in Barcelona by participating as a delegate in 4 conferences. She won the Best Delegate award for the UNSC in the past edition of SEIMUN as the representative of PR China. This year she is also part of the Board of MUNOTH, where she serves as USG for Public Relations and Administration. Cristina is enthusiastic about this year’s SEIMUN edition and will make sure that the UNSC is enjoyable but at the same time highly demanding committee for the delegates. Cristina welcomes you all to this life changing experience.