Carlos Arce (Priveyt)Bolivia, 1987

Carlos Arce better know as Priveyt is based in Madrid.
Multidisciplinary artist, specialized in painting and
photography, Long experience involved in Music events.
Teacher of plastic arts, designer of catalogues, art exhibitions
organizer and music promoter.
Relevant experiences are his projects: “Priveyt and Brothers
and Sisters” deals with issues related to migration and social
integration through the urban musicians in Madrid; And
“Something make you angry” tells about the horizontal
opinions and lack of democracy online, like social networks.
Those artwork shown at exhibitions: “Lavapiés, Brothers and
Sisters” at Despliegue Gallery, “Workers pay for the crisis” at
Julian Baistero Policy School, “Silk screen printers of
consciences” at Matadero Madrid Contemporary art center,
“Pertenencia si-n Cuestión” at AISGE Performers management