Cardiopoetica is a group of three young poets from Rome
    (Fabio Appetito, Marco De Cave, Mariano Macale) who are
    neighbours in life and in friendship. They have started to make
    public readings since when they were teenagers gaining public
    recognition for their arts and ideas. They were awarded with
    three important national prizes – in 2013, they received the
    Pasolini award for their civic engagement; in 2015, the De
    André national award for the finest emerging poetry and in
    2016 with Merini poetry award for literature research.
    The group published two books in Italy, collaborating with
    different blogs and magazines, as well as famous Italian
    musicians and actors. What is more, it works for a web radio
    called Radio Bullets, founded by two of the most brilliant
    Italian journalists, Barbara Schiavulli (famous war reporter)
    and Alessia Cerantola (Japan Times, Panama Papers
    investigator). The aim of the radio is to talk about the
    international facts through podcasts. For its innovative
    approach it was rewarded by Digital Journalism Google