Ana Belén ValverdeExternal Relations,

It is our immense pleasure to announce that Ana Belen Valverde will be serving as External Relations for this year’s edition of SEIMUN 2017. Although she is currently at the Queen’s University of Belfast, she is a PhD candidate in International Criminal Law at the University of Granada with strong interest in international and social issues. She studied a Law Degree at the University of Granada and she took part in some exchanges with the University of Valencia and the Loyola University of Chicago. Deemed one of the top 50 jurists of Spain by the prestigious Law Firm Garrigues, she worked as research assistant while studying her Degree with various research scholarships. Recently, she has been awarded with the prize “Luis Portero” from the Real Academia de la Jurisprudencia y Legislacion of Granada for her research in Human Rights Law. She has also published two book chapters about forms of slavery and criminal law principles. Her strong interest in human exploitation issues was the reason that she was selected by the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights to do an internship in 2017.

Her proactive attitude and social commitment made her an engaged person in various youth organizations and NGOs as a member or a coordinator: Scouts, Water Coconut, International Amnesty, AIESEC, United Nations Students Association of Andalucía and Scouts. She has also participated in MEU Crete 2014, in the previous SEIMUN in Sevilla, and in other international events, such as the European Youth Event in Strasbourg in 2016 at the European Parliament (as ASDE Scouts de España representative). Her exchanges and internships, that allowed her to work with people from all over the world (in Czech Republic and Turkey), made her very open-minded and deeply convinced about the need of equal opportunities to build a fairer society.

We strongly believe that Ana will excel in her duties as external relations representative. Having been the main promoter for the creation of a Local Committee of UNSA Andalucía in Granada, having served as delegate and having been in constant contact with the previous Organizing Committee, Ana has a clear vision of the project, and she would love to see you all in SEIMUN 2017! Unity is strength!