Alexandros MoudiotisGreece, 1994

    Multidisciplinar artist focused on Sculpture, Painting,
    Architecture and Photography.
    Honor in the activities of “PARALIART” and collaborating with
    different initiatives such as: European tree in cooperation
    with the “Thessaloniki – European Capital”, participation in
    the organization and conduct of the 4th Biennale of
    Contemporary Art of Thessaloniki and in the
    workshop – cultivating ideas (product design).
    Alexandros stands out among his exhibitions:
    1. Group exhibition of Engraving, School of Fine Arts AUTH,
    Vafopoulio Foundation
    2. Group exhibition, «STREET ART FESTIVAL (SAF)»,
    3. Group exhibition of Engraving, « [Ichnevodas], students
    honor Vasso Katraki » Teloglion Foundation of Art
    4. Group exhibition of Sculpture, “Visual Center Sun”,
    Municipality of Neapoli.
    5. Group exhibition «Meet the Artist», Myro Gallery
    5. Group exhibition «Soul», Galerie Art room
    6. Group exhibition «Eros» on Eros, Galerie Art room
    7. Group exhibition of photography, “Shadows and persons”
    8. Group exhibition of photography, «In Between», Metapolis
    – Designated Photography Art & Culture, (Athens)
    9. Group exhibition of photography «Bridges», The National
    Art Gallery Union Museum “Moldova” (Romania)