Aidee De LeonMéxico, 1979

Highlighted visual artist, specialized in multidisciplinary
painting, among her studies is the Master’s and Bachelor’s
Degree in Visual Arts, at the Faculty of Arts and Design,
UNAM, Master Artistic Production and research, in the Faculty
of Fine Arts of the University of Barcelona.
Since 1998 she has participated in numerous collective
exhibitions in Mexico, Europe, Argentina and Asia. Her work
has been selected and distinguished in painting contexts. Her
most recent alone exhibitions are: The Transmutation of
Matter, Lux Perpetua Art Center, Merida. Sub-objetualidades
in Deconstruction, room 1 of the Royal Academy of San Carlos.
Sub-objetualidades, in Alcalá de Henares, Madrid. Motley-
Pleasure, Museum of Contemporary Art Ateneo de Yucatan
She stands out among their prizes: Prize Revelation to an
Ibero-American Artist, by La Tertulia Ilustrada of Madrid.
Production and Research Residence in Kanazawa, Japan. Silver
Medal Gabino Barreda, of the Autonomous University of
Mexico. Young Creators Scholarship, (2012-2013) and (2004-
2005) FONCA. Research Internship at the Faculty of Fine Arts
of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Collaboration
Residency for AICA-México, at the 40th AICA Congress,
Revised Critical Review, Paris, France
Her work is found in museums, galleries, institutions, and
private collections.