See you next year SEIMUN!

24 of April: last day  in SEIMUN 2016.

All the delegates agreed that they would love to repeat it. “It was a simulation, but it was so real”, “the committee was my family”, “I´ve learnt a lot”…are some of the quotes describing this amazing experience.

The committees were working in groups, discussing the last details of the resolutions. They also celebrate “the funny awards”, where every delegate received an award, like “the best well dressed”, “the prettiest delegate”, “the most radical delegate”…

World Bank committee discussed again the issue of microcredits, and then, they complete the draft resolutions.

UNESCO committee discussed the point 1 (the raising awareness and education on the protection of cultural heritage) to end the draft resolution. They also danced “la macarena” together.

The Human Rights Committee was still discussing about FGM. Finally, all delegates agree on common point: FGM is a barbar practice that has to be eradicated.

Definitely, all committees have worked hard to finish the resolutions. And all this work was regarded in the closing ceremony, where the best delegates from each committee were announced.

Yesterday was the last day in SEIMUN. It was a gorgeous day, the sunniest day in our stay in Seville. All delegates were very elegant, as always, and the food was the tastiest. And although it was the farewell, everyone was happy to have lived this wonderful experience and have met wonderful people.

We would repeat it next year! Thank you everyone!