SEIMUN 2018 Open Call for Secretariat positions


After a very successful 2017 edition, SEIMUN, the leading Iberian conference, is looking forward to its next year’s edition. Given the remarkable success of this year’s edition, combined with the optimistic previsions for next year, we will incorporate a seventh Committee to the conference. This expansion has a positive impact on the new Secretariat, whose structure will be changed and and adapted to the new scenario. At SEIMUN we are driven by excellence, this is why we open the four USG positions in order to get the best and most experienced MUN-addicts to maintain and even improve the standards of excellence and professionalism that make our conference stand out within the Spanish circuit. Being part of the Secretariat and the SEIMUN family is a tremendous pleasure, but also a huge responsibility. If you take on the challenge, for the next ten months, you will create a positive impact on youth participation, develop excellent time-management skills and make life-lasting international friends.


The four positions offered are the following: USG for Academics, USG for Chairing, USG for European Committees and USG for Public Relations and Partnerships.

SEIMUN 2018 will take place on the 12th -15th April 2018.  The deadline for applications will be Friday 7th July before midnight GMT +1. Interviews will take place on the second week of July (10th – 16th July). If a candidate is unavailable during this week please state it in point 8 of the form.


When applying, all candidates should be aware of what we expect and the level of work you commit to put into. The job descriptions for the four positions are the following:

USG for Academics

As the USG for Academics the candidate will have to:

  • Assist in the decision-making process of the committees that will be part of next year’s edition of SEIMUN.
  • Be in charge of deciding the topics of each committee together with the Chairs and other members of the Secretariat and provide with extra topics if needed. For this, the USG for Academics will have to take part in the Chair’s interviews. The final choice will need to be approved by the Secretary General and Director General of the conference.  
  • Supervise and correct the study guides produced by the Chairs in order to achieve the highest academic quality and accuracy.
  • Assist the Chairs in the development of their committee and the debate; preparation of extra materials such as but not limited to crisis situations, press releases…  
  • Aid in the improvement of the Rules of Procedure of the conference together with other members of the Secretariat and taking as a basis last edition’s RoP.

USG for Chairing

As the USG for Chairing the candidate will have to:

  • Conduct fair and standardized interviews made to the Chair applicants, which will be recorded.
  • Contribute importantly to the decision-making process for the selection of Chairs. The final decision will need to be approved by the Secretary General.
  • Be the first contact point between the Chairs and the Secretariat and Organizing Team.
  • Make sure that the Chairs work well together in committee sessions and in the preparation of these; ensure communication before the conference, be a mediator if a conflict arises and the chairs are unable to solve it.

USG for European Committees

As the USG for European Committees the candidate will have to:

  • Be present in the interviews of the candidates for Chair whose first preference is a European Committee.
  • Coordinate, supervise and correct the the Study Guides for the European Committees.
  • Suggest topics for the European Committees, if needed, including the directive and an alternative topic.
  • Write a 6 to 8 – page Directive, which will be used as referent discussion material during the conference.
  • Be prepared to be a Chair during the conference of one of the two Committees.
  • Write a 5 – page guide on the co-decision process of the European Committees.
  • Ensure coordination and time management of the two committees during the conference.

USG for Communication and Partnerships

As the USG for Public Relations and Partnerships the candidate will have to:

  • Explore and make use of professional MUN promotion platforms such as MyMUN, Best Delegate, MUNPlanet, that will enable SEIMUN to access new markets and bring new delegations.
  • Keep contact and renew partnerships with current partner conferences
  • Establish new partnerships with conferences around the world with a focus on Europe and the Middle East; approximately ten new partner conferences.
  • Promote the conference to potential MUN delegations by sending around ten e-mails per week to universities, MUN societies, high schools…
  • Plan an online communication and promotion strategy.
  • Correct and create content on the conference website and social network.
  • Be prepared to be a Chair during the conference.


  • Chosen candidates will have full autonomy to develop their project
  • Offered four nights of accommodation in Granada during the days of the conference
  • All breakfasts and lunches will be provided
  • Chosen candidates will be provided with the full social package
Disclaimer: All USG positions will require an average of 20 hours of work per week from the moment the candidate is selected until the end of the conference.