Loyola’s Andalucía University will be the host of SEIMUN 2016.


Previous 14th of October, Loyola’s Andalucía University gave to the youth promotors of the South European International Model of United Nations initiative the document by which they accepted to be the host university.

                We could not be more proud to announce the prestigious Univeristy of Loyola’s Andalucía signed on the 14th of October an agreement with SEIMUN 2016 to host the first edition of this long-lasting relation between United Nations and the region of Andalucía. With this we do not offer you the best chairing team and social program, but also the best venue and facilities.

IMG_8541 [1600x1200]The public confirmation of the partnership was made at SEIMUN´s Presentation at the Three Cultures of the Mediterranean Foundation by the Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Law and Director of the International Relations Department, Mr. Pedro Rivas. In his speech he emphasized on the importance of the youth to be proactive and involved in politics and global governance to face today´s growing world problems. He insisted on the need of such personal development platforms to give them voice and is really proud, the institution he represents, is supporting this initiative.

The Andalusian jesuit university is placed in three of the seven buildings of the Campus Tecnológico Palmas Altas, filling a total area of 13.079 m2. It was the result of a group of architects leaded by Richard Rogers, awarded with the Pritzker award 2007 by it design, construction and sustainability standards. Palmas Altas has been honored with the Leed Platino award, created by the Building Council of the United States, the highest in it category. The University counts with the last learning equipment system: comfortable formation rooms with different formats and accommodation, and open spaces prepared for the reception of SEIMUN participants. Our staff and participants will work in one of the best venues of the city, with modern rooms prepared for debating, combining with seats orientated in semi-circles, with open spaces, small rooms, mac rooms to do further research on the topic and world class IT facilities for the chairs. Lunch and refreshments will be provided in the canteen of the same campus.

With this we do not offer you the best chairing team and social program, but also the best venue and facilities.