Job Description

Journalists are an essential part of the conference and will cover all discussions of formal session time. Each journalist will be assigned a committee. They will be in charge of keeping track of the development of negotiations amongst delegates, interview our guest speakers and work together for the publication of a daily newspaper with all new tidings. If you want a good insight in the journalism or media sector, this is the right place for you! At SEIMUN we will provide you with a unique experience to put into practice all the skills learned at University. Due to the high number of applicants and very limited spaces, the selection process is very competitive.

We look for highly motivated future leaders with good writing and language skills, confident public-speakers and with a proven passion in International Relations. Employees strongly value these experiences on your CV, given MUN´s are unique opportunities to gain practical experience, especially at SEIMUN where we put strong focus on realism and the following of the rules of procedure and protocol. Don´t miss this opportunity. Because we are fully aware of the additional and extraordinary effort SEIMUN journalists do in terms of workload, each one selected will be awarded a full scholarship covering the participation fee.

See you this may at the UNESCO World Heritage City of Granada!