Frequently Asked Questions


Can I book my own accommodation?

Yes, but we strongly recommend that you abide by our pack with accommodation, as It’s an exclusive offer that you will only find with us. In the other case, we recommend you to book your lodging as soon as possible because the conference is celebrated in high season and the availability for housings is going to be scarce.

I have more questions

If you have any further questions or you feel that we have not informed you sufficiently, do not hesitate to contact us via or through the contact form. You will find all the necessary information on our website: We are looking forward to welcoming you at SEIMUN 2016 here in Seville!
Warm regards,
The SEIMUN Team 2016

Scholarships & Financial Aid

The Secretariat will award, upon request, 15 scholarships for the participation fee of delegates with proven financial impossibility to afford the fee. Participants wanting to apply will need to contact the Secretariat Finance Responsible directly. We will always keep their privacy and study each case in depth to assure no single participant is denied its participation because of financial reasons.

Travel to Granada

Granada does have an airport, but It doesn’t have a lot of transit. The closest International airport is The airport of Malaga. From there, you can either take the bus to Granada (2hrs) or the train. We recommend the bus. You can also arrive at Madrid Barajas / Adolfo Suarez International Airport and take the bus to Granada (5hrs).

Can reach more info about in the link:

I need a formal invitation letter for my Institution/University, what do I do?

If you would like an Invitation letter for your institution, please let us know by sending us an e-mail to In this email please state the official name of the institution, the name and the official title of the person the letter should be addressed to and an e-mail address. We will then proceed your request as soon as possible.

What we can do for you concerning the Visa?

We want to stress that applying for a Visa may at some point turn out to be more difficult and time consuming than expected. Therefore, we advise you to apply for a Visa as soon as possible. We are willing to support you by issuing visa letters. As soon as you paid and complete your registration process, you can request a visa letter via email and we will send the letter to you, which can be handed in at your embassy.

Are you giving out Visa?

SEIMUN itself is not giving out any Visa, nor is responsible for any problems that may arise during the application process.

I need to apply for a Visa, what do I have to do?

This mainly depends on the country you are registered in and how long you intend to stay in Spain. For detailed information please contact the embassy of Spain in your country.

I am from outside the European Union, do I need a Visa?

Please check whether you have to apply for a visa in order to participate at SEIMUN 2017 Note that SEIMUN only issues visa letters but never guarantees nor hands out a Visa.

Does the conference fee also include accommodation?

The [basic Pack] conference fee does NOT include the accommodation. However, we offer a limited option [Stay pack] conference fee with accommodation that includes 3 nights + breakfast + towels at the Inturjoven Youth Hostel. Please, keep in mind that the places are limited to the first 100 delegates.

You can also check the Conference booklet for other lodging recommendations. We strongly encourage delegates to book the recommended accommodations, as the hotels are ideally located, close to the venue and social events, and will serve as meeting point, where a staff member will guide the participants to the events.

Please keep in mind that we are a nonprofit / no benefit association, so we don’t gain anything by recommending the mentioned hotels.

I cannot make it to the Conference, how do I get my money back?

Cancellation periods are:
If a delegate cancels between the 01st November and the 31th December 2016.
we will refund you 80% of the conference fee

If a delegate cancels between the 01st of January 2017 and the 28th of february 2017,  only 30% of the conference fee will be refunded.

If a delegate cancels after the 01st March 2017, no refund will be possible.

If a participant should cancel his or her participation because of a serious illness, the death of a relative or because of an insurmountable obstacle related, all fee will be reimbursed without any transaction fee after the evaluation of the case by the SEIMUN 2017 organization team.

How do I know that you received my payment?

As soon as we receive your payment we will send you an e-mail of confirmation. This also serves as the official Invitation Letter. Your steps within the registration are then completed. The SEIMUN Team will allocate you as soon as possible with consideration of your country preferences.

How can I pay?

The only way to pay the Conference fee is by bank transfer. You will receive the bank account number upon the last step of your registration process.

How much is the conference fee?

The conference fee is:
For the first period between 1st November and 31th December:

Basic Pack:
-40 euros Individual Delegates
-35 euros Group Participants

Please note that the [Basic Pack] includes the registration fee, materials, lunch, and refreshments. This fee also includes an excursion, a guided city tour and the workshops. It does not include costs for hotels, visas, dinner or any other cost you might have.

Stay Pack:
-40 euros Individual Delegates
-35 euros Group Participants

Please note that the [Stay Pack] 48€ (16€/night) includes accommodation for tree days and two nights at Granada Youth Hostel, with breakfast included and towel, the registration fee, materials, lunch, and refreshments. This fee also includes an excursion, a guided city tour and the workshops. It does not include costs for visas, dinner or any other cost you might have. *The places are limited to the first 100*

The conference fee has to be transfered before your registration is finalized (please note that paying the conference fee is only possible after we have received your registration). SEIMUN will not pay any costs associated with money transfer.

Deadline for the submission of the Position Papers

The deadline for the submission of position papers is Monday, May 17. Papers are submitted through mail to the respective chair. It is strongly advised to do a joint position paper about the delegate´s country´s position on the two topics. Further guides on how to write a position will be provided by the Secretariat and delegates are encouraged to place doubts and questions to both chairs and legal advisors and linguists. Lastly, we want to remind delegates the submission of position papers is an essential requirement to be given and award.

When will study guides be ready?

The Secretariat is currently working on possible topics and will write exhaustive and detailed study guides with the chairs. These will facilitate delegates with up to date information about the topic. This does not mean delegates will need to do additional research, especially about their country’s position. Study guides will be sent through e-mail to delegates around Christmas 2016, meaning participants will have enough time to prepare for their life-changing experience.

Do I have to write a motivation letter?

Yes! Each delegate will be asked to write a motivation letter explaining their choice of committees and country preference. This piece of written work will be used to decide whether a delegate will be granted their country of preference. This is not mandatory, but strongly recommendable to those participants applying for legal advisor, journalist, linguist, advanced committees and influential states.

Is there the possibility to participate in a double delegation?

No. There is no the possibility to participate in double delegations this year

When am I/is my delegation being allocated?

Allocations will take place on a weekly basis. However, delegates cannot be allocated until they have completed the registration, indicated their preferences and SEIMUN has received the payment.

I am Head Delegate, how can I register the other members of my delegation?

Instead of registering as a single delegate, please go to the section “Groups Registration“. You will be asked to provide the name and an e-mail address of each individual member of your delegation. Your delegates will then receive an e-mail to confirm their registration. Concerning the payment, we kindly ask you to transfer the entire delegation fee in a single transaction.

Which are the benefits of a delegation?

Delegates participating in a delegation will be deducted 5€ from the participation fee.

How many members may a delegation have?

A delegation is counted as such, if it contains more than or exactly five members. A maximum number is actually not set.

Who can participate in SEIMUN 2017?

SEIMUN is the first Model United Nations Conference to be held in Andalusia and the most southern Model of United Nations or our continent. It is held on a University level. Hence, usually only university students that are aged between 18 and 30 years old on the date of the conference are selected.

When does registration close?

Registration closes on the 20th of April 2017. However, country allocations are processed on a first-come-first-served basis. Therefore, do not wait too long with your registration; otherwise your preferences might already be taken.