First day of sessions have taken place in Loyola Seville Campus, where 6 committes have discussed many important issues.
There was a good feeling among the delegates from different committees. Everyone we have asked told us that they would love to repeat the experience.
Some of the issues discussed:
First, in the Human Rights committee was discussed the tacking female genital mutilation in the 21st century. FGM is internationally recognized as a violation of the human rights of both girls and women. The speaker was MarÍa Solanas, she remarks the importance of education to get round this problem. She also mention the importance of the intervention made by ONGs such as “Médecins Sans Frontières” that has beeng crucial and they have managed to remove this practice in many intervined areas. Also, we had the pleasure to interview Maria Solanas. She told us that her work is related to gender inequality, which is related with FGM. We asked her about the future agenda of sustainable development goals, which will include this problem as principal, and she told as that she thinks it is a very important advance and that this will start the procedure to the end of this violation of human rights.
Secondly, in the World Bank committee the issue was the developmental assistance in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of foreign forces. The most remarkable intervention, was the one made by Germany, who affirmed that the one and only solution remain in helping Afghanistan people in their developent, is to follow afghan directions.
In addition, another important issue was the one discussed by the UfM committee. They discussed about the refugees’ problem. Opinions were opposite, while Italy support the hosting of refugees, Denmark argued that their country had no resources to confront the refugees’ needs.
Finally, we spent a very good day, full of knowledge, fun and new friends.